Flow meters with battery

Battery-operated water meter MAG 8000
Flow Measurement

The following MAG 8000 versions are available as stand-alone water meters:
 • MAG 8000 (7ME6810) for abstraction and distribution network
 • MAG 8000 CT (7ME6820) for revenue and bulk metering
 • MAG 8000 (7ME6880) for irrigation

MAG 8000 is designed to minimize power consumption. The p...

Battery-operated water meter MAG 8000
Flow Measurement

The following MAG 8000 versions are available as stand-alone water meters:
 • MAG 8000 (7ME6810) for abstraction and distribution network
 • MAG 8000 CT (7ME6820) for revenue and bulk metering
 • MAG 8000 (7ME6880) for irrigation

MAG 8000 is designed to minimize power consumption. The product program consists of:
 • Basic and advanced version
 • Sensor sizes from DN 25 to 1200 (1" to 48")
 • Compact and remote installation in IP68/NEMA 6P enclosure and factory-mounted cable
 • SIMATIC PDM and Flow Tool PC configuration softwares

Easy to install
 • Compact or remote solution with factory mounted cable and customer setting from factory
 • IP68/NEMA 6P enclosure. Sensor can be buried
 • Flexible power supply - internal or external battery pack or mains power supply with battery back-up possibilities
 • Superior measurement
 • Down to 0.2 % maximum uncertainty
 • OIML R 49 type approval
 • PTB K7.2
 • FM Fire Service Approval
 • Bi-directional measurement

Long lasting performance/Low cost of Ownership
 • Verification according to Directive 2014/32/EU of the European Parliament and Council of 26 February, 2014 on measuring instruments,
Annex VI Thermal Energy Meters(MI-004)
 • No moving parts means less wear and tear
 • Up to 6 to 10 years maintenance-free operation in typical revenue application
 • Robust construction built for the application

Intelligent information, easy to access
 • Advanced information on site
 • Data logger
 • Advanced statistics and diagnostics
 • Add-on communication modules

MAG 8000 GSM/GPRS Wireless Communication Module

The MAG 8000 GSM/GPRS wireless communication module provides the latest mobile technology using a Quad Band (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) module.
The GSM/GPRS module logs data from the MAG 8000 memory and from the two analog inputs (one 4 to 20 mA not powered by the module and one 5 V
ratiometric powered by the module) and
storage in the internal memory and later transmit it into a system or PC via email or SMS.
An additional synchronization function secures the initial collection time of the data independent of the sample rate used.

The GPRS technology makes it possible to send a higher amount of data via email. The data is secured using a POP 3 server configuration avoiding
encryptions that require additional software. The configuration of the module is performed via SMS commands that allow you to define the users,
email accounts, transmission settings, collection, etc.
The GSM/GPRS module is a compact built-in solution which can be installed in the existing MAG 8000 with SW version 3.02 and higher.
The battery lifetime will depend on signal strength and especially on the number of transmissions. Therefore we recommend an optimal setting of
transmission once a day (see page 3/121).
The module also includes the same power management algorithm that secures a very good calculation of the remaining battery lifetime.
The OPC server specifically designed for the MAG 8000 GSM/GPRS module is offered free of charge. With this valueadded package, the opportunity
for measurement data collection and further processing/analyzing for system integration and automation is offered.

MAG 8000 is a microprocessor-based water meter with graphical display and key for optimum customer operation and information on site. The
transmitter drives the magnetic field in the sensor, evaluates the flow signal from the sensor and calculates the volume passing through. It
delivers the required information via the integrated pulse output or communication interfaces as part of a system solution. Its intelligent functionality,
information and diagnostics ensure optimum meter performance and information to optimize water supply and billing.

 The SIMATIC PDM tool gives the possibility of testing and verifying the flowmeter on site and creating a printed ”Qualification Certificate” with all
specific data that define the quality status of the measurement.
The Qualification Certificate consists of two pages with information about the actual status of the sensor:
 Part 1 provides general settings, sensor and battery info, totalizer values and pulse output settings.
 Part 2 provides detailed information about electronic and sensor functionality and a main parameter list for evaluating the functionality of the MAG 8000 water meter.


Installation - Compact (integral)
              - Remote with factory-mounted cable 5, 10, 20 or 30 m (16.4, 32.8, 65.6 or 98.4 ft)
Enclosure    - Stainl. steel top housing (AISI 316) and coated brass bottom.
              - Remote wall mount bracket in stainless steel (AISI 304).
Cable entries - 2 x M20 (one gland for one cable of size 6 … 8 mm (0.02 ... 0.026 ft) is included in the standard delivery)
Display      - Display with 8 digits for main information. Index, menu and status symbols for dedicated information
Resolution   - Totalized information can be displayed with 1, 2 or 3 decimals or automatic adjustment (default)
Flow unit    - Europe Volume in m3 and flow rate in m3/h
Optional display units - Volume: m3 x 100, l x 100, G x 100, G x 1000, MG, CF x 100, CF x 1000, AF, Al, kl, BBL42
              - Flow: m3/min, m3/d, l/s, l/min, GPS, GPH, GPD, MGD, CFS, CFM, CFH, BBL42/s, BBL42/min, BBL42/h, BBL42/d
Digital output - 2 passive outputs (MOS), individual galvanically isolated Maximum load ± 35 V DC, 50 mA short circuit protected
Output A function - Programmable as pulse volume – forward – reverse – forward/net – reverse/net
Output B function - Programmable as pulse volume (like output A), alarm
Output - Max. pulse rate of 50 Hz (only Basic version) and 100 Hz (only Advanced version), pulse width of 5, 10, 50, 100, 500 ms
Communication - IrDA: Standard integrated infrared communication interface with Modbus RTU protocol
Add-on modules • RS 232 serial interface with Modbus RTU (Rx/Tx/GND), point to point with max. 15 m cable
                • RS 485 serial interface with Modbus RTU (+/-/GND), multidrop with up to 32 devices with max. 1000 m cable
                • Encoder interface module (for Itron 200WP) "Sensus protocol"
                • GSM/GPRS module with or without analog input cable
Power supply - Auto detection of power source with display symbol for operation power.
Internal battery pack - 1 D-Cell 3.6 V/16.5 Ah
                       - 2 D-Cell 3.6 V/33 Ah
External battery pack - 4 D-Cell 3.6 V/66 Ah
 Mains power supply • 12 ... 24 V AC/DC (10 … 32 V) 2 VA
                    • 115 ... 230 V AC (85 … 264 V) 2 VA
                    - Both mains power supply systems are upgradable for battery backup via internal D-Cell (3.6 V 16.5 Ah) or external battery pack.
Cable       - 3 m (9.8 ft) for external connection to mains supply (without cable plug)
Application identification - Tag number up to 15 characters
Time and date - Real time clock
MAG 8000      - 3 totalizer: Configurable to Forward, Reverse and Bidirectional netflow
               - 1 totalizer (following totalizer 1 setting) resetable via display key
Low flow cut-off • 7ME6810 0.05 % of Qmax (adjustable)
                  • 7ME6820 0.25 % of Q3
                  • 7ME6880 1 % of Qmax (adjustable)
Empty pipe detection - Symbolised in display
Data logger - Logging of 26 records: selectable as daily, weekly or monthly logging
Alarm - Active alarm is indicated on the display
Data protection - All data stored in an EEPROM. Totalizers 1 and 2 are backed up every 10 min, statistic every hour and power consumption and temperature measurement every 4 hour.
- Password protection of all parameters and hardware protection of calibration and revenue parameters.
 Battery power management - Optimal battery information on remaining capacity.
- Calculated capacity includes all consuming elements and available battery capacity is adjusted related to change in ambient temperature.
- Numbers of power-ups
- Date and time registered for first and last time power alarm.
 Continuous self test including - Coil current to drive the magnetic field
                                - Signal input circuit
                                - Data calculation, handling and storing
 Alarm statistics and logging for - Electrode impedance to check actual media contact
 fault analyzing                  - Flow simulation to check pulse and communication signal chain for correct scaling
                                  - Number of sensor measurements (excitations)
                                  - Transmitter temperature (battery capacity calculation)
                                  - Low impedance alarm for change in media
                                  - Flow alarm when defined high flow exceeds
                                  - Verification mode for fast measure performance check
 Insulation test         - Test of signal immunity against disturbanceand bad installation. Test interval is selectable and measurement
(only Advanced version)    is interrupted during the test period of 4 min.
 Leakage detection       - Monitoring the lowest flow or volume during selected time window within 24 hours. Leakage is detected overa selectable period where monitored
(only Advanced version)    value exceed the possible leakage level. Min and max values are stored with date registration. Last store value visible on the display.
 Meter Utilization       - 6 registers for monitoring total time the meter has operated in different flow intervals. Registered intervals are free selectable as % of Qn (Q3)
(only Advanced version)
 Tariff                  - 6 tariff registers count the volume delivered within the selected tariff windows, based on time of day or flow rates or a combination.
(only Advanced version)  - Tariff can also be used for consumption profile where consumption is related to different time intervals or flow rates.
                         - Tariff values visible on the display.
 Settling date           - On a predefined date the totalizer 1 index value is stored. Old values are stored to show the latest two totalized 1 index values.
(only Advanced version)  - Settling values visible on the display.
 Statistic               - Min. flow rate with time and date registration
(only Advanced version)  - Max. flow rate with time and date registration
                         - Min. daily consumption with date registration
                         - Max. daily consumption with date registration
                         - Latest 7 days total and daily consumption
                         - Actual month consumption
                         - Latest month consumption
PC Configuration Software PDM • Meter configuration – online and offline mode
                              • Own parameter settings
                              • Parameter documentation
                              • Print and export of data and parameters
                              - PDM 6.0 Service Pack 2 – Basic and Online version

MAG 8000 water meter uncertainty
The selected calibration determines the accuracy of the meter. A standard calibration results in max. ? 0.4 % uncertainty and an extended calibration ? 0.2 %
(for MAG 8000 irrigation ± 0.8 %). A calibration certificate follows every sensor and calibration data are stored in the meter unit.

The sensor body must be grounded using grounding straps and/or grounding rings to protect the flow signal against stray electrical noise. This ensures that the noise
is carried through the sensor body and a noise-free measuring area within the sensor body. For MAG 8000 Irrigation grounding rings on both sides are factory-mounted.

MAG 8000 (7ME6810) for Fire Service applications
MAG 8000 (7ME6810) is FM Fire Service approved for automatic fire protection systems according to the Fire Service Meters Standard, Class Number 1044. The approval is
applicable for the sizes DN 50, DN 80, DN 100, DN 150, DN 200, DN 250, and DN 300 (2", 3", 4", 6", 8", 10", and 12") with ANSI B16.5 Class 150 flanges. The FM Fire Service
approved product can be ordered via the Z-options P20, P21 and P22

Battery operation time and calculation

The battery operation time depends on the connected battery pack as well as the operation condition of the meter.
MAG 8000 calculates the remaining capacity every 4 hours and includes all consuming elements. Calculation compensates for temperature influence on battery capacity.
A variation in temperature from 15 °C to 55 °C (59 to 131 °F) reduces the capacity by 17 % from 15 Ah to 12.5 Ah.
At typical revenue scenario of expected battery operation time can be seen in the table below.
The measurement for calculating the rest capacity of the battery life time is only completed if the system has no active fatal faults or the empty pipe is active. Maximum
battery specification is 10 years operation.

External battery pack can be used as battery backup for mains power supply (if two cable entries in one cable gland are needed, order cable glands with two entries)
Serial RS 232/RS 485 add-on communication modules are designed for mains powered systems as the battery operation time will be reduced. At 1 hour communication per month (all meter
data collected 2 times per day) and the module is connected, the operation time is reduced to:
• RS 232:
- low excitation frequency: 10 % of calculated operation time
- high excitation frequency: 80 % of calculated operation time
• RS 485:
- low excitation frequency: 50 % of calculated operation time
- high excitation frequency: 90 % of calculated operation time


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