About us

cms-imgCompany Siemcrom Group SRL is dedicated to serving the needs of business partnerships and its customers. Thus he gradually developed technical competencies has increased its product portfolio, assuming responsibility role system integrator and distributor of electrical and automation equipment.

From the wide range of products offered by the Siemcrom Group mention:
- Generating sets;
- Frequency inverters;
- DC electric drives;
- Electric motors;
- Moto;
- The drive for CNC machines;
- Pressure sensors;
- Temperature Sensors;
- Flow Sensors;
- Level sensors;
- Electro pneumatic positioner;
- Regulators process;
- Recorders process;
- Gas analyzers;
- Gas chromatographs;
- Weighing and dosing systems;
- Automatic prograabile;
- Groups of pumping;
- Circulation pumps;
- Transformers