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  • Micromaster

    Our drive inverters combine the highest technical demands with versatile functionality: From the basis up to our high-performance version with sensorless vector control and power ratings up to 250 kW. All of these drive units are very versatile and are extremely flexible. They can be cost-effectively adapted to new requirements at any time.

    - Simple commissioning
    - Standard operator philosophy
    - Wide range of control versions
    - High starting torque and smooth runningcharacteristics
    - Save energy and reduce costs
    - Flexible communication modules

    x Power ratings: 0.12 – 250 kW
    x Voltages:    110 / 230 / 400 /    575 / 600 V
    x Control types: SLVC, FCC, V/f

  • Motors

    We offer a complete range of geared motors – especially for the production and process industries: From helical, helical bevel, parallel shaft, helical worm up to worm geared motors. They are mainly used in material handling - e.g. in logistic centers, high-bay racking systems, on production lines in the automobile industry, baggage handling systems in airports or packaging machines.

  • Sinamics
  • Medium Voltage
  • Aplications