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1 Overview

1.1 The SINAMICS G110
     The SINAMICS G110s are a range of frequency inverters for controlling the speed of three phase AC motors, incorporating the CPM 110 controlled power module.
The various models available range from 120 W to 3.0 kW single-phase input. The inverters are microprocessor-controlled and use state-of-the-art Insulated Gate BipoIar Transistor (IGBT) technology. This makes them reliable and versatile. A special pulse-width modulation method with selectable pulse frequency permits quiet motor operation. Comprehensive protective functions provide excellent inverter and motor protection.
     The SINAMICS G110 CPM110 with its default factory settings is ideal for a large range of simple V/f motor control applications. Using the comprehensive range of programmable parameters provided with the inverter, the unit can be adapted for a wide range of applications. Parameters can be changed using either USS communications or the Basic Operator Panel (BOP).
     The SINAMICS G110 is available in two variants; the Analog controlled variant and the USS controlled variant utilizing RS485 protocol. They are available as filtered and unfiltered inverters including a “Flat Plate” version which completes the range. They can be used in both 'stand-alone' applications as well as being integrated into 'Automation Systems'.

1.2 Features

Main Characteristics:
 - Easy installation
 - Easy commission
 - Quick commissioning
 - Reset function (allowing the reset of all values to the preset factory defaults)
 - Rugged EMC design
 - Can be operated on IT line supplies (unfiltered variants)
 - 1 digital output – Isolated optocoupler
 - 3 digital inputs (non-isolated)
 - 1 Analog input, AIN: 0 – 10 V (Analog variant only). Can be used as 4th digital input
 - High pulse frequencies for low-noise motor operation
 - Status information and alarm messages using the Basic Operator Panel
 - Optional Basic Operator Panel with the capability to clone parameter sets
 - USS communications interface (USS variant only)
 - PC to RS232 Connection Kit available

Performance Characteristics:
 - Fast repeatable response time to control signals
 - Fast Current Limitation (FCL) for trip-free operation
 - Built-in DC injection brake
 - Compound braking
 - Fixed Frequencies
 - Motor potentiometer function
 - Acceleration/deceleration times with programmable smoothing
 - Multi-point V/f characteristic
 - 150% overload for 60 seconds
 - 2-wire/3-wire control
 - Automatic restart after a mains failure
 - Flying start

Protection Characteristics:
 - Overvoltage/undervoltage protection
 - Overtemperature protection for the inverter
 - Ground fault protection
 - Short-circuit protection
 - I2t thermal motor protection
 - Motor stall prevention

2. Specifications

SINAMICS G110 Performance Ratings:
 - Mains operating voltage and power ranges - 200 V to 240 V (±10%) 1AC 120 W to 3.0 kW
 - Input frequency - 47 to 63 Hz
 - Output frequency - 0 Hz to 650 Hz
 - Cos ? - ? 0.95
 - Inverter efficiency - Below 750 W = 90% to 94%. On 750W units and higher ? 95%
 - Overload capability - Overload current 1.5 x rated output current (i.e. 150 % overload capability) for 60 s; then 0.85 x rated output current for 240 s, cycle time 300 s
 - User Power Supplies - 24 V on pins 6 and 7 (50 mA unregulated supply): 10 V on pins 8 and 10 (5 mA)
 - Inrush current - less than rated input current
 - Control method - linear V/f; quadratic V/f; multipoint characteristic (programmable V/f)
 - Pulse frequency - 8 kHz (standard); 2 kHz to 16 kHz (in 2 kHz steps)
 - Fixed frequencies - 3 programmable
 - Skip frequency - 1 programmable
 - Setpoint resolution - 0.01 Hz digital, 0.01 Hz serial, 10 bit analog (motor potentiometer 0.1 Hz)
 - Digital inputs - 3 programmable digital inputs, non-isolated; PNP, SIMATIC-compatible, low < 5V: high > 10 V: maximum input voltage 30 V.
 - Analog input (Analog Variant) - 1 for setpoint (0 V to 10 V, scaleable or for use as 4th digital input)
 - Digital output - 1 isolated optocoupler output (24 Vdc, 50 mA resistive), NPN transistor type.
 - Serial interface - (USS Variant) RS-485, for operation with USS protocol
 - Motor cable length - max. 25 m (shielded) max. 50 m (unshielded)
 - Electromagnetic compatibility - All units available with internal EMC filter for Category C2 (restricted availability) – PDS installations
(specifies limits equivalent to EN55011, Class A). In addition all units with integral filters for screened motor cables up to 5 m will meet the limits to EN55011 Class B.
 - Braking - Compound Braking (firmware 1.1 only), DC Braking
 - Protection level - IP20
 - Temperature range - –10 °C to +40 °C (up to +50 °C with derating)
 - Storage temperature - –40 °C to +70 °C
 - Humidity - 95 % (non-condensing)
 - Operational altitudes - up to 1000 m above sea level without derating
 - Protection features for • under-voltage                         • short circuits
                           • over-voltage                          • stall prevention
                           • I2t motor thermal protection          • Inverter overload
                           • earth faults                          • motor overtemperature
 - Conformity with standards - UL, cUL, CE, c-tick
 - CE marking - Conformity with EC low voltage directive 73/23/EC
3. Options

     The following accessories are available as options for your SINAMICS G110n Inverter.
Variant Dependent Options:
 - Supplementary filter for Class B operation
 - Low leakage Class B filter
 - Line commutating choke
Variant Independent Options:
 - Basic Operator Panel (BOP)
 - DIN Rail Mounting Kit
 - PC to inverter connection kit
 - STARTER software commissioning tool.

4. Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC)

4.1 Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC)
     All manufacturers / assemblers of electrical apparatus which “performs a complete intrinsic function and is placed on the market as a single unit intended for the end
user” must comply with the EMC directive EC/89/336. There are two routes for the manufacturer/assembler to demonstrate compliance:

4.1.1 Self-Certification
     This is a manufacturer's declaration that the European standards applicable to the electrical environment for which the apparatus is intended have been met. Only
standards that have been officially published in the Official Journal of the European Community can be cited in the manufacturer's declaration.

4.1.2 Technical Construction File

     A technical construction file can be prepared for the apparatus describing its EMC characteristics. This file must be approved by a ‘Competent Body’ appointed by the
appropriate European government organization. This approach allows the use of standards that are still in preparation.

     The SINAMICS G110 inverter is designed to be used only by professional end users with EMC knowledge. It is not designed for users that do not have EMC
knowledge. These operating instructions give sufficient information which enables the professional end user to implement all the necessary measures to ensure electromagnetic compatibility.

DIN Rail Mounting Kit

     The DIN Rail Mounting Kit is an optional accessory for the SINAMICS G110 inverter.
The kit consists of the following items:
 - 1 x Metal base plate
 - 6 - FSA, 8 - FSB x M4 screws (maximum torque 2.0 Nm [17.7])
 - 2 x Saddle-clamps
 - 1 - FSA, 2 - FSB x DIN Rail fixing bolt.