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75 kW to 1500 kW

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Applications, Features, and Design


   SINAMICS G150 drive converter cabinet units are specially designed to meet the requirements of drives with a quadratic and constant load characteristic, medium
performance requirements, and no regenerative feedback. Applications include:
   • Pumps and fans
   • Compressors
   • Extruders and mixers
   • Mills


   The accuracy of sensorless vector control ensures that the system can be used for a wide variety of applications and, as a result, an additional speed sensor is not
required. SINAMICS G150 takes this into account and, as a result, offers a low-cost drive solution tailored to actual requirements.
In addition, factors have been considered to ensure easy handling of the drive from the planning and design phase through to operation. These factors include:
• Compact, modular, service-friendly design
• Straightforward planning and design
• Ready to connect to facilitate the installation process
• Quick, menu-driven commissioning with no complex parameterization
• Clear and convenient operation via a user-friendly graphical operator panel with measured values displayed in plain text or in a quasi-analog bar display.
• SINAMICS is an integral part of Totally Integrated Automation (TIA). The TIA concept offers an optimized range of products for automation and drive
technology. This concept is characterized by planning / design, communication, and data management procedures that are consistent throughout the product
range. SINAMICS is totally integrated in the TIA concept. Separate S7/PCS7 blocks and faceplates for WinCC are available.
• Integration in SIMATIC H systems is possible via a Y link.

   The SINAMICS G150 drive converter cabinet units are manufactured to meet high standards of quality and exacting demands.
   This results in a high level of reliability, availability, and functionality for our products.
   The development, design, and manufacturing processes, as well as order processing and the logistics supply center have been independently certified to DIN ISO 9001.


   The SINAMICS G150 cabinet units are characterized by their compact, modular, and service-friendly design.
   A wide range of electrical and mechanical components enable the drive system to be optimized for the appropriate requirements.
   Two cabinet unit versions are available depending on the options that are chosen.